** Breaking News ** (03.26.14)

The ACE/MV class has been postponed one week. The first class will start on 04/02.

The Martha's Vineyard Boards of Health and Ace/MV have teamed up to offer:

How to Prevent, Recognize, Diagnose and Treat Tick-Borne Illnesses
The course is intended to provide the enrollees with information on a range of tick-borne diseases so that they might go ever more safely into our Island's great outdoors. Information will be provided on ticks themselves and how to protect oneself from being bitten with respect to both property maintenance and the wearing of appropriate clothing. The enrollee will learn how best if bitten to detect and remove the tick, and when, where and how to seek early treatment to lower the chances of becoming infected. Lastly and critically, the enrollee will be provided information necessary to recognize the clinical systems of tick-borne disease, how to confirm the diagnosis through laboratory testing, and how and when to seek therapy.

Sponsored by the Island's Boards of Health and The Martha's Vineyard Tick-Borne Illness Institute.

Wednesdays: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16 × 3 classes 6:30-8pm × Fee: $35, Discount 20% seniors = $28, MVRHS Library; Instructors: Michael Loberg, Ph.D., Matt Poole, Ursala Prisco, Ph.D., Sam Telford, DVM, Tuft's University Professor, Michael Jacobs, MD, Gerald Yukevich, MD.

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